Advertising Agency



Corporate and Commercial Video Production

Videography Full Day Rate

Up to 8 hours of setup and/or production.


per videographer

Videography 1/2 Day Rate

Up to 4 hours of setup and/or production


per videographer

Videography Hourly Rate

$200.00/1st 2 hours

$75.00/hr. after 2 hours

per videographer

Editing/Post Production




Video to CD/DVD Transfers and Duplication


Consumer Formats to DVD

One DVD per original videotape (up to 3 hrs) regardless of length. Source footage from VHS, SVHS, 3/4", VHS-C, 8mm, Hi-8, Digital-8, and MiniDV. This is a "straight through" copy. There are no interactive menus but chapter markers are inserted every 5 minutes for easier navigation. Tapes longer than 3 hours will be split onto 2 or more DVDs and will be charged an extra $5 per tape).


per original videotape

Note: multiple short tapes can be combined onto a single DVD; however the above price will be charged for each original videotape regardless of length.

Video to Hard Drive/FORMAT CONVERSION Chocie of AVI, Quicktime, MPEG-2 or WMV format. Files recorded directly in editable format to external USB hard drive (we can supply one or bring your own).

$0.25 / minute

1 hour ($15) minimum.

Interactive Menu Upgrade

Add chapters at specific points on the DVD after transfer and create interactive text menus.

Add $5.00 per chapter

(5 chapter minimum)

Custom DVD Authoring

Includes custom menu creation and interactive links to program material. Custom video, graphics, and titles can be added.

$65.00 / hour

Custom Editing

Add titles, special effect transistions, voice-over, music, and more.

$65.00 / hour

Video CD (VCD) Creation

Up to 80 minutes of MPEG-1 video on a single 700MB disc. Playable in computers with video CD capable playback software. Also playable on some set-top DVD players (consult your user's manual).

$19.95 per CD

Custom Interactive CD Authoring

Includes custom graphics and integration of text, images, sound, and video mastered to an AutoRun CD.

$55.00 / hour

Picture/Slide to Video - Picture Slideshow Format

Prices include custom synchronization to music, opening and closing titles, and one finished DVD copy. $25 minimum on all orders.


$2.00 each

Digital Photos

$1.50 each

Additional Title Graphics

$4.95 each

Caption Insertion

$2.95 each

DVD Menu Upgrade

Add chapters and interactive text menus.

$5.00 per chapter

(5 chapter minimum)

Multimedia Conversion and Web Streaming

Audio/Video Conversion to Windows Media, RealVideo, Quicktime, AVI, or MPEG (now including iPOD Video Compatible files)

Video source footage from VHS, SVHS, 3/4", VHS-C, 8mm, Hi-8, Digital-8, MiniDV, and DVD. Audio source from cassette, LP,.

Delivered as a data file on CD-ROM. Variable images sizes and data rates available.


per minute of running time for each media type and data rate ($20 minimum charge).

Foreign Conversion

Foreign VHS to NTSC (U.S.)

PAL or SECAM formatted tapes transferred to new NTSC VHS tape or DVD.


NTSC (U.S.) to Foregin VHS

NTSC VHS tape or DVD transferred to new PAL or SECAM VHS tape.


Foreign DVD Conversion

NTSC to PAL or PAL to NTSC DVD conversion. (Video program conversion only; menus will not be included)



DVD Duplication

4.7GB DVD-R with B&W or color text printed surface in clear CD jewel case or paper sleeve. Add $.20 per unit for single or double DVD case. Source from non-copy-protected DVD master disc.

# of Copies

Price Each













CD Duplication

700MB CD-R or 150MB miniCD-R with text printed surface in clear CD jewel case or paper sleeve. Source from non-copy-protected CD master disc.













Additional Disc and Tape Printing and Packaging Options

Clear VHS Album Case

$.75 extra per unit

Color Graphic Printing for VHS Labels

$15.00 setup fee and $0.20 per unit

(setup fee waived if print-ready artwork file is provided)

Color Graphic Printing for CD/DVD Labels

$20.00 setup fee and $0.40 per unit

(setup fee waived if print-ready artwork file is provided)

Color Graphic Creation for VHS, CD, and DVD Cases

$25.00 setup fee and $0.60 per unit

(setup fee waived if print-ready artwork file is provided)

Disc Printing Only Service

Logos, text, or graphics printed onto blank recordable CD-R or DVD+/-R

$0.50 per disc

($20 minimum. Contact us for large quantity discounts)


  1. Television/Internet Programming: Original Programming, Commercials, Infomercial Marketing, Advertising, Real Estate Property Tours, Web streaming Video, Pod casting, Flash Video

    Television Commercial Production and

    Advertising for your Business

    Why not advertise your business on local television and radio? It's a dynamic way to attract new customers! And more sales means greater prosperity!

    If a picture says a thousand words, then a thirty second commercial says thousands of pictures at thirty frames a second. An image in motion creates momentum. Sight.

    Sound. Color. Motion. Television visually conveys your product or service, enhances your public image and is the most powerful form of communication with prospective customers.

    From conception to broadcast we take a blank canvas and with the right paint and perfect brush strokes create your masterpiece. In case you are not completely familiar with the production process this overview will help define our concept to broadcast philosophy.


    We start with your thoughts and ideas. We discuss what you want to say and the best way to say it. We refine rough ideas into solid concepts. We clarify your vision into an effective spot. These concepts are the basis for the shooting script.

    The script will state all the critical details for the upcoming shoot. Audio as well as video elements are included.

    Next come the story boards so you can see a comic book type visualization of the script. Any major changes are made now, and the script and storyboards redone. This saves time, money, and headaches.

    "Once the storyboards are finished it's as good as in the can." said the great film

    director Alfred Hitchcock. With all the details planned out we are finally ready for production.


    It's production day, the day the lights turn on, the cameras roll, and the action happens! Raw images are captured just as they are described in the script and storyboards.

    Everything runs smoothly because of good preproduction.

    Post production:

    The rough footage is edited into sequence. The soundtrack and voice over are mixed, and the graphics applied.

    The finished product is the master. Copies for distribution will be made from this master.

    TV/INTERNET Programming Elements include:

  2. Corporate:/Training: Product Demonstrations, Infrastructure training, Industrial Video, Annual reports, Real Estate Tours, Sales Presentations, Industrial Video How To Video’s, Martial Arts Training, Employee Training, Safety Training…

    Corporate:/Training: Packages Corporate:/Training Package 1: $500.00

    Same as Option 1: Basic + 25 DVD copies with case, color disc print, and color case insert provided.

    Corporate:/Training Package 2 $1000.00

    Same as Option 3: Basic Animation Animation with Text and Graphics +

    25 DVD copies with case, color disc print, and color case insert provided.

    Corporate:/Training Package 3 $1500.00

    Same as Option 4: Live Spokesperson + Custom Stock Footage $1,500 +

    50 DVD copies with case, color disc print, and color case insert provided.

    Corporate:/Training Package 4 $2500.00

    Same as Option 5: Stock Footage + Local Footage + 100 DVD copies

    with case, color disc print, and color case insert provided.

  3. Live Events: Concerts, Comedy Shows, Plays, Seminars, Runway Shows, Church,..

Music Video / Live Performance Rates

MTV Style Video

Full-day (8 hours) film-style single-camera production of story elements combined with lip-synced performances. Includes 3- person crew, full editing, and insertion of studio soundtrack.


Single Camera Concert Video - Entire Performance Live coverage of club or other gig performance using smooth "on-air" video zooms and pans combined with group wide shots. Includes 2-channel sound recording (board feed / ambient mic), basic editing and sound mixing/sweetening.


Mutli-Camera Concert Video

2 hours of live coverage of club or other gig performance using two or more cameras. Includes 4 or more tracks of audio recorded and mixed in post production and creative video editing.


  1. Camera

  2. Camera


Performing Arts / Live Events

Videography and Editing

Includes setup, up to 2 hours of event coverage, editing, and DVD menu creation


Interactive DVD Copies with Deluxe Cases and Disc Printing

$10.00 each

VHS Copies with Text Printed Label

$10.00 each